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Welcome to Infinity Pro

When hiring permanent staff, smart companies put major emphasis on the caliber of the candidate, personality, culture fit, candidate motivations and longevity of the engagement between the candidate and the company.

Infinity Pro utilizes a comprehensive network of quality professionals, smart screening methodologies as well as up to date negotiation expertise to find and match the right candidates to the right role and company.

We ensure that our candidates explore rewarding opportunities and our clients marginally minimize the risk of a bad hiring decision while gaining competitive advantage through hiring the champions of their respective industry.

At Infinity Pro we are proud of creating winning outcomes for all parties.

Why Infinity Pro
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Hiring Temporary/Contracting staff can at times be a daunting task for companies. Often the outcome, the budget and time constraints of the deliverable will depend significantly on the quality of the contractor, the cost and their availability. At Infinity Pro we understand the challenges our clients face in a highly competitive market with major shortage of quality professionals.

We have created a pool of the top 20% of contractors within each specific category of roles and skills. This in turn enables us, at any given time, to introduce contractor/s who meet and often exceed the requirements at short notice and at a reasonable cost. Therefore our clients manage to outperform their competitors and reach their goals within time and budget.

Please contact one of our specialist headhunters and enquire how we may be able to assist.

Why Infinity Pro
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The foundation of Infinity Pro’s establishment has been to offer services that stand well above traditional recruitment avenues. We are proud of being able to offer a specialized search and headhunting service where our competitors can only offer generalist recruitment.

Our executive search team offers a professional, specialized and affordable service, built on top of our already high achieving search and headhunting methodology. With an outstanding and trusted network of professionals among senior executives within Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Europe and United States we assist our clients to expand their global reach and explore endless opportunities.

The result is a reliable, friendly and sophisticated executive search solution that you can trust.

Please contact us today and ask us how we are able to assist your company with current or future executive search assignments.

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