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Search Methodology

At Infinity Pro, we aim to stand out from our competitors by providing our clients with the highest caliber of available candidates. We do this by using a detailed and highly successful search methodology process involving a mixture of refined search and headhunting, extensive networking and a referral system that gains us access to valuable individuals with rare combination of skills. In fact, over 90% of our placements (contract & permanent) have been made through one of the above three avenues!

We use a combination of modern search technology, smart screening methodologies and traditional long-term relationship building skills to find and attract candidates who may otherwise be working for your competition.

What this means for our clients is they will save a substantial amount of time during the screening and hiring process and they are able to employ quality staff that they would not usually have access to via traditional recruitment methods such as job boards or generalist recruitment companies. Research has shown that some of the best candidates are candidates that are passive to the job market and are not generally actively looking for positions. These candidates generally are sought out based on their reputation and skillset and rarely apply through job advertisements.

Gaining access to these human resources can be an invaluable asset to any organization as increasing external competition means that companies need to gain competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd.