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Value Added Services

At Infinity Pro we believe in providing a comprehensive service that goes beyond the average search and screening process and offers our clients comprehensive insight and expertise on how to win the talent war by attracting, hiring and retaining the best people.

Some of the services we offer to our clients FREE of charge are as following:

Remuneration Insight and Negotiation

While many companies rely on general knowledge and salary surveys to allocate a remuneration package for each role, at times they miss-out on the ability to hire and attract the better employees. This is partly due to the fact that often general knowledge and salary surveys are outdated, biased or too generic to apply to specific situations.

As a part of our service a specialized headhunter who knows the current market rates and is aware of the points of attraction for candidates in each particular area is able to offer their expertise on tangible and non-tangible elements that can be put together as a remuneration package. This has allowed our clients to approach the market with our knowledge at their disposal in order to attract better people without overstretching their budget.

Corporate Strategy Consulting

At Infinity Pro, we are in the business of assisting your company to grow by providing exceptional talent. We provide various options in the form of corporate strategy planning, project implementation advice and succession planning. Relating to the current company plans, we are able to provide recruitment options that suit your strategy, time constraints and budgets.

Resource Planning and Job Description

We recognize that at times the exact and specific requirements to perform or complete a particular task or project can be ambiguous. Since most of our consultants have a technical or HR background we have been able to work with our clients to uncover and identify the main requirements of a project in order to plan and hire suitable resources.

We also offer our expertise in writing an effective position description to provide adequate information to future candidates and their managers in regards to the expectations and points of attraction of the role. This has played a crucial role for our clients in minimizing the risk of drop outs or bad hires due to any miscommunications at early stages of the recruitment process.

Employee Retention Program

At Infinity Pro we strongly believe in assisting our clients to not only hire the best candidates but also be able to retain them in the long-term to avoid the cost and hassles of rehiring. While our competitors are concerned with making a sale we have created a pool of happy clients through offering a service that adds value and lasts over a long period of time. In addition to our guarantee of service we offer a dedicated retention program to our clients free of charge. Please call or email us today if you would like to find out more about our employee retention program.