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The Infinity Pro Difference

One of the main differences that distinguish the services that we offer is our approach. We market ourselves as a specialized IT Search firm and do not follow the traditional, outdated methods of recruitment that is used today by the majority of our competitors. We believe that our value-add goes much beyond the simple advertising, candidate search on the database and representation of candidates exhibiting key words. We genuinely believe this can be done by your own company for a fraction of the cost as compared to a recruitment fee.

Instead we have specialized IT head-hunters who invest time to understand their niche market and associated technologies, attend industry events and have an extensive network of connections in their relevant market. This means that we have access to a pool of candidates that most of our competitors cannot tap into and therefore can provide you with the calibre of candidates that may otherwise not be available to your company. We also save you a substantial amount of time in the process so you do not have to screen irrelevant CVs. We certainly save you cost because we do not charge you for a service you can perform yourself at a much cheaper price!

In addition to all of that, like a business partner, we assist you to attract the right candidate to your organization and negotiate a remuneration package that benefits both parties in the process.